Are you battling embarrassing acne? Have age spots appeared on your face sooner than anticipated? We understand the embarrassment, pain and frustration caused by common skin conditions that prevent you from feeling and looking your best.

The good news is that visiting your local cosmetic skin clinic can help you decide on the next step to achieving your skincare goals. Skin care goes beyond the traditional cleansing, toning, and moisturising routine. It’s more about understanding your skin type and needs. Improper skincare products and generic solutions often do more harm than good.

Let’s dive into some skincare basics.

Discovering Your Skin’s Personality

As we age, our skin goes through phases influenced by our lifestyles and diets. Each skin type has unique characteristics and care requirements. It’s important to understand these dynamics and adjust your skin routine accordingly.

What are the 4 Main Skin Types & How Should You Treat Them?

Normal: Gentle cleanser and moisturiser.
Oily: Oil-free cleanser and lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser.
Dry: Hydrating cleanser and rich, nourishing moisturiser
Combination: Balancing cleanser and lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser.

Skin SOS: Why is My Skin Rebelling?

Dermatologists can effectively treat skin conditions, restoring your skin’s health and confidence. Understanding the causes of skin conditions and taking a proactive approach to skincare can help prevent and manage these unsightly problems.

The Culprits Behind Common Skin Conditions

Acne: Hormonal changes and bacteria.
Rosacea: Exact cause is unknown, but it is likely by genetic factors.
Eczema: Genetic and environmental factors.
Psoriasis: Genetic and immune system abnormalities.
Dermatitis: Irritants or allergens exposure.
Melasma: Hormonal changes and sun exposure.
Age spots: Accumulated sun exposure over time.

Skin Rehab for the Self-conscious

We are living in the future of skincare, with treatments available for every skin condition, from topical treatments to surgery. Your choice of treatment depends on the nature and severity of your situation.

Telma’s Royal Skin Treatment: An Investment in Confidence

Why prolong your pain and frustration any longer? At Telma Medical Skin Clinic, we believe in delivering exclusive, customised skincare that always brings out the best in your skin. Our premium VISIA Skin Analyzer assesses skin features and the age of cells, comparing them to average data, allowing our practitioners to identify problem areas and create personalised treatment plans for you.

Kickstart your journey to confidence and healthier, glowing skin today by booking online. Your skin will thank you.