Have you had enough of endless workouts and restrictive diets that leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated with minimal results? Are you looking for a quicker way to regain your toned core and speed up your gym progress?

If gruelling workouts and diets are not producing the expected results, EM body sculpting could be the answer. You deserve a solution that boosts your confidence and fast-tracks your fitness goals.

Understanding HIFEM Technology

Our body sculpting clinic uses EM Contouring (also known as EM Sculpting), a cutting-edge, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to help you reach your weight goals.

Think of it as a super-powerful magnet applied to target areas of your body. During treatment, the HIFEM energy penetrates the skin and forces your muscles to contract at intensities far beyond what you could achieve through exercise alone.

These intense contractions overload the muscles, causing them to adapt, rebuild, and become thicker and stronger. Rapid energy surges also cause lipolysis, which occurs when fat cells release their contents for metabolism and natural elimination by the body, ultimately leading to improved overall fitness and health.

Attainable EM Contouring Results

EM contouring is like hiring a super-intense personal trainer for your muscles. Let’s explore some of the results of this innovative technology.

A Sculpted, Powerful Core

Reap the benefits of up to 20,000 targeted contractions in a 30-minute session. Tighten, build, and strengthen the entire core, including those deep, hard-to-reach abdominal muscles, for improved stability and athletic performance.

Accelerated Fat Reduction

Deep muscle stimulation kick-starts fat breakdown in persistent areas like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. It gets to the root, shrinking fat cells and revealing your newly defined muscles underneath.

Boosted Gym Results

Achieve dramatic results without breaking a sweat. Create a stronger muscular foundation to increase the effectiveness of your workouts and maximise your strength gains.

Personalised Treatment

We target stubborn fat deposits that defy exercise and diet, helping you achieve a defined core, toned biceps and triceps, and slimmer, stronger legs.

What to Expect

EM contouring is a comfortable, convenient way to transform your body.

  • The treatment induces the physical sensation of an intense workout, but most people find it quite tolerable.
  • Each 30-minute treatment leaves you feeling energised.
  • Get back to your day immediately after treatment. No downtime is required!

At Telma Body Sculpting Clinic, we recognise your individual physique and goals, crafting a treatment plan tailored exclusively for you. Book your EM body sculpting consultation and we’ll help you unleash the physique that makes you feel unstoppable.