If you’re among the 4.9 million Australians battling the excruciating pain of migraines and the relentless discomfort of bruxism (teeth grinding), you are far from being alone. We understand the impact of these conditions on your life, and we are proud to offer advanced anti-wrinkle treatments.

Understanding the Impact of Chronic Headaches and Teeth Grinding

Migraines and bruxism can severely impact mental and emotional well-being, with causes ranging from stress and anxiety to genetics and dental misalignment.

  • Migraines, experienced by 1 in 7 Australians at some point in their lives, can manifest as intense, throbbing headaches and are often accompanied by feelings of nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Bruxism, on the other hand, might go unnoticed during sleep but can lead to morning headaches, jaw soreness, and even long-term damage to teeth.

Find Relief From Migraines and Bruxism

Anti-wrinkle injection treatments are a luxurious yet highly effective solution for combating this debilitating issue.

 1. Throbbing Pain & Sensitivity

Anti-wrinkle injections can prevent migraines by targeting muscles and trigger points. They reduce frequency and intensity, offering relief to sufferers.

  • Frontalis muscle: The muscle responsible for forehead wrinkles. Injections prevent brow furrowing, a common migraine symptom, and potentially reduce pain.
  • Temporalis muscle: Similar to bruxism, injections here can ease muscle tension linked to migraines.
  • Glabella muscle: Found between the eyebrows, tension in this area is a known migraine contributor. Injections here can relax the muscle and potentially prevent or lessen pain intensity.
  • Occipital muscles: Situated at the skull’s base, these muscles often tense up during migraines. Injections here offer potential relief for tension headaches and migraines originating from the back of the head.

 2. Silent Nighttime Grinding, Daytime Headaches & Damaged Teeth

Untreated bruxism can alter your facial appearance, causing an enlarged jawline or a square-shaped jaw, not to mention the risk of significant dental damage. The treatment involves injecting specific areas to reduce muscle activity, effectively minimising bruxism-related symptoms.

  • Masseter muscle: This powerful muscle on the side of the jaw is primarily responsible for clenching and grinding teeth. Injections relax this muscle, lessening grinding intensity.
  • Temporalis muscle: Located on the temple, this muscle also contributes to jaw clenching. Targeted injections help reduce grinding and ease jaw pain.
  • Pterigoid muscles: These smaller muscles assist in jaw movement. Injections here provide extra relief, particularly in complex bruxism cases.

 3. Enjoying Additional Benefits

We tailor our advanced botulinum toxin treatments to meet your needs, ensuring you feel great and look your best. Beyond treating bruxism and migraines, anti-wrinkle injections offer many benefits:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Slim the jawline
  • Control excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Correction of gummy smiles and necklines

Embrace Comfort and Confidence with Anti-wrinkle Injection Treatments

At Telma Skin Clinic, we’re constantly improving our procedures, incorporating the newest findings and methods to make sure you get the best possible treatment. Our anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the muscles involved in teeth grinding and jaw clenching, providing immediate and lasting relief.

Don’t let migraines and bruxism control your life any longer! Schedule your consultation and discover a new you.